Conduct a chemical analysis of a common household substance for its acidity or basicity

Chemical analysis of soft drinks for its acidity or basicity

  • Soft drinks might be the most acidic beverage that we consume on an everyday basis, its acidity is near to that of vinegar.
  • A simple experiment to measure acidity of soft drinks is as follows:
  • Required Materials:
    • Different varieties of soda
    • Containers, one for each soft drink
    • Scotch tape
    • Pen
    • pH paper strips
    • pH colour chart
    • Paper
  • Steps:
    • Take each variety of soft drink in a container. Add scotch tapes outside the beakers and write the name of each variety.
    • Take pH paper strips for each of the soft drinks. Dip the pH paper in each soft drink and keep it dipped for at least one second. For more accurate result, conduct this step for each soft drink at least three times.
    • Observe the colour change in the pH strip and compare it with the pH colour chart. A deep red colour will indicate high acidic content, deep purple colour indicates high alkalinity and green shades indicate a balance between acidity and basicity.
    • Note the pH value for the colours obtained for each of the soft drinks.
    • Since for each soft drink three readings were taken, calculate the average of 3 pH values obtained. The average pH value will be the determinant of acidity or basicity of the sample soft drinks.



How to Measure the Acidity of Soft Drinks