Inquiry question: How can hydrocarbons be classified based on their structure and reactivity?

● construct models, identify the functional group, and write structural and molecular formulae for homologous series of organic chemical compounds, up to C8 (ACSCH035) :
– alkanes
– alkenes
– alkynes
● conduct an investigation to compare the properties of organic chemical compounds within a homologous series, and explain these differences in terms of bonding (ACSCH035)
● analyse the shape of molecules formed between carbon atoms when a single, double or triple bond is formed between them
● explain the properties within and between the homologous series of alkanes with reference to the intermolecular and intramolecular bonding present
● describe the procedures required to safely handle and dispose of organic substances (ACSCH075)
● examine the environmental, economic and sociocultural implications of obtaining and using hydrocarbons from the Earth

Extract from Chemistry Stage 6 Syllabus © 2017 NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA)