HSC Chemistry Past Papers

Once you have covered all of the content of HSC Chemistry in class and at home, one of the most effective ways to study is to sit past papers. Try to do entire HSC Chemistry past papers or trial papers in one sitting, allowing yourself the same amount of time that you will receive in the actual examination.

Actual HSC Chemistry Past Papers
Please note that from 2010 onwards, there are 5 more multiple choice questions than in previous years (20 instead of 15), and there are 5 less marks in the core extended response section (55 instead of 60). See the sample examination cover. Also note that the new HSC began in 2001, and papers from 1995-2000 are therefore not indicative of expected examination content.

Year Paper
Marking Notes
Standards Package
2015AvailableAvailableSample Answers and Marking Guidelines
2014AvailableAvailableSample Answers and Marking Guidelines
2013AvailableAvailableSample Answers and Marking Guidelines
2012AvailableAvailableSample Answers
Marking Guidelines
2011AvailableAvailableSample Answers
Marking Guidelines
2010AvailableAvailableSample Answers
Marking Guidelines
2009AvailableAvailableSample Answers
Marking Guidelines
2008AvailableAvailableNot available
2007AvailableAvailableNot available
2006AvailableAvailableNot available
2005AvailableAvailableNot available
2004AvailableAvailableNot available
2003AvailableAvailableNot available
2000AvailableAvailableNot available
1999AvailableAvailableNot available
1998AvailableAvailableNot available
1997AvailableAvailableNot available
1996AvailableAvailableNot available
1995AvailableAvailableNot available

Official Examination Data Sheet

Trial HSC Examination Papers

2008CSSAAvailableAvailableBored of Studies
2006CSSAAvailableIncluded with paperBored of Studies
2004CCSANot AvailableNot AvailableBored of Studies
2003CCSAAvailableNot AvailableBored of Studies
2002CCSAAvailableAvailableBored of Studies
2001CCSANot availableNot availableGoogle Sites
2002Catholic SchoolsIndustrial Chemistry Option AvailableNot availableBored of Studies
2001Independent SchoolsAvailableIncluded with paperBored of Studies

Other Examination Questions/Quizzes (by Module)

Source (Host)
N/AProduction of MaterialsIncluded with questionsNorthmead High School
N/AThe Acidic EnvironmentIncluded with questionsNorthmead High School
N/AChemical Monitoring and ManagementIncluded with questionsNorthmead High School
N/AProduction of MaterialsNot availableBlakehurst High School (Bored of Studies)
2002Production of Materials Not availableJames Ruse Ag. HS (Bored of Studies)
2005Chemical Monitoring and ManagementNot availableFort Street High / Dreamerish (Bored of Studies)
2005Production of Materials primarily (mid-year)Not AvailableSt John Bosco College (Bored of Studies)