Reactions of Organic Acids and Bases

Inquiry question: What are the properties of organic acids and bases?

● investigate the structural formulae, properties and functional group including:
– primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols
– aldehydes and ketones (ACSCH127)
– amines and amides
● explain the properties within and between the homologous series of carboxylic acids amines and amides with reference to the intermolecular and intramolecular bonding present
● investigate the production, in a school laboratory, of simple esters
● investigate the differences between an organic acid and organic base
● investigate the structure and action of soaps and detergents
● draft and construct flow charts to show reaction pathways for chemical synthesis, including those that involve more than one step

Extract from Chemistry Stage 6 Syllabus © 2017 NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA)