Describe the importance of buffers in natural systems

Importance of buffers in natural systems

  • To maintain blood pH. Carbonic acid and bicarbonate ions produced during CO2 transport in our body plays role in regulating blood pH and keeping it maintained at 7.4
    pH levels of Blood
    (6 – 7)
    (7 – 7.35)
    (7.35 – 7.45)
    (7.45 – 7.8)
    (7.8 – 9)
  • The phosphate buffer in living systems have a similar action to that of bicarbonate buffers but much stronger. Phosphate ions regulates the pH of cells when hydrogen ions are present in excess amount.
  • Protein is a significant buffer for cells, tissues and blood it acts by consuming hydrogen ions produced due to the dissociation of the carbonic acid into hydrogen bicarbonate.