Reliability of Sulfate Experiment

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Analyse information to evaluate the reliability of the results of the above investigation and to propose solutions to problems encountered in the procedure

  • The reliability of results in the above procedure depend upon:
    • Only sulfate ions in the fertiliser being precipitated by barium ions.
    • All of the barium sulfate precipitate being collected by the filter paper.
  • The reliability of results in the procedure can be improved by:
    • Using a fine analytical grade quantitative filter paper rather than a qualitative filter paper.
    • Repeating the experiment several times and comparing the results obtained each time.
  • Problems, other than reliability problems, that could possibly be encountered during the procedure, and possible solutions, include the following:
Filter paper takes a long period of time to dryDry the filter paper in an oven
Filtration takes a long period of timeUse a weighed sintered glass crucible