Industrial Uses of Ammonia

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Identify and describe the industrial uses of ammonia 

  • Ammonia is a very important industrial chemical, and is used widely in both its pure form and as a feedstock for a wide variety of other chemicals.
  • Ammonia ranks second behind sulfuric acid in the quantity produced worldwide per year.
  • Ammonia itself is used:
    • As a fertiliser.
    • In many alkaline cleansers, such as window and floor cleaners.
    • As a refrigerant gas.
  • Ammonia is used in the manufacture of:
    • Fertilisers, such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, ammonium hydrogen phosphate, and urea.
    • Nitric acid, which is used to manufacture:
      • Ammonium nitrate fertiliser.
      • Dyes.
      • Fibres and plastics.
      • Explosives, such as ammonium nitrate, trinitrotoluene (TNT) and nitroglycerine.
    • Cyanides, which are used to:
      • Manufacture synthetic polymers, such as nylon and acrylics.
      • Extract gold from ore bodies.


The uses of ammonia, by percentage