Examine the environmental, economic and sociocultural implications of obtaining and using hydrocarbons from the Earth

  • Burning of hydrocarbons release carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere which is in fact, a greenhouse gas. Thus extensive use of hydrocarbons increases the risks of greenhouse effect.
  • Incomplete burning of hydrocarbons results in the formation of carbon monoxide, a fatal gas that can cause death within minutes to exposure.
  • CFC, a widely used hydrocarbon in refrigerators and spray cans when exposed to the environment causes harm to the ozone layer and thus, is a contributing factor to the greenhouse effect. It also causes exposure of humans and animals to harmful UV rays.
  • Aldehydes and other toxic materials released from burning plywood inhibit photosynthesis in plants, cause eye and lung irritations, and even possibly cause cancer.
  • Benzene molecules have been found to deplete red blood cells, cause cancer in mammals and damage bone marrow.