Glucose Fermentation Experiment

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Solve problems, plan and perform a first-hand investigation to carry out the fermentation of glucose and monitor mass changes

Fermentation appapatus

Fermentation appapatus

Glucose can be fermented using the following procedure:

  • Place the following in a flask:
    • About 50 grams of glucose.
    • About 150 millilitres of water.
    • A few crystals of citric acid.
    • About 5 grams of yeast.
  • Measure and record the mass of the flask.
  • Attach an airlock apparatus containing limewater to the top of the flask.
  • Stand the flask in a warm place, with a temperature of approximately 37°C, for three days.
  • Over the three days, carbon dioxide should be produced, which will form a white precipitate in the limewater (calcium carbonate) as it bubbles through.
  • Measure and record the mass of the flask at various times throughout the three days.
  • Due to the production and release of carbon dioxide, a mass loss should be observed.