Compare the rate of corrosion of iron

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Identify data, select equipment, plan and perform a first-hand investigation to compare the rate of corrosion of iron and an identified form of steel

  • The rate of corrosion of iron and mild steel can be compared by performing to following investigation:
    • Obtain four samples of both iron and mild steel that are the same size and shape.
    • Place the samples in separate sets of test tubes that have the following conditions:
      • Dry air only (using drying crystals).
      • Water and air present.
      • Water only present (deoxygenated by boiling, then stoppered).
      • Salt water.
    • Examine the eight samples once daily over a period of five days, and record the relative degree of corrosion.
    • After the five days, assess the results and conclude which substance corroded  more quickly, and how the conditions affected the rate of corrosion.