Electrons in Their Ground-State Electron Configurations

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Identify that electrons in their ground-state electron configurations occupy the lowest energy shells, subshells and orbitals available to them and explain why they are able to jump to higher energy levels when excited

  • Electrons are placed in orbitals starting with the lowest energy orbital first
  • The order in which orbitals fill depends upon their precise energy level

Example: Sodium

Na = 11 Electrons

  • Ground state
    • First two electrons in 1s orbital
    • Next two located in the 2s orbital
    • Next six located in the three orbitals of the 2p subshell

Eleventh electron located in the 3s subshell

  • Excited state
    • Any state different from the ground state

Movement of electrons across increasing energy levels:

  • Absorption of energy by an atom leads to change of electron configuration as a valence electron is promoted to a higher energy orbital
    • Due to absorption of a precise quanta of energy (as above)