The Merits and Limitations of The Bohr Model

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Solve problems and use available evidence to discuss the merits and limitations of the Bohr model of the atom

  • Bohr model of atom:
    • Only particular radii are permitted
    • Moving electrons do not lose energy
    • The single emission line for hydrogen could be composed of two or more closely spaced lines
    • The lines of hydrogen could be split further apart in a magnetic field
    • These lines had different intensities
  • Merit of Bohr model
      • Provides a picture of atomic structure that illustrates some properties of atoms

    Example: Bohr orbit is used to explain several properties in relation to magnetism

  • Limitations of Bohr model
    • Cannot be used to predict structure and measure relative intensities of spectral lines
    • Does not apply to multi-electrons atoms
    • Provides wrong information about the value of angular momentum of an electron in atom
    • Does not follow the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.